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CTMS Travel Group (CTMS) affords the traveller the freedom to travel abroad with confidence. What might otherwise be a time consuming and potentially frustrating process, we can handle expeditiously. CTMS helps to eliminate the risks resulting from travellers arriving at the airport or their destination with improper documentation.

Our constant contact with embassies and consulates has resulted in a sound understanding of procedures and protocols. This knowledge not only assists us to keep abreast of the most current visa regulations, but it gives us the edge when submitting documentation.

CTMS offers a personalized, dependable visa service. We are accustomed to meeting tight deadlines and we understand the urgency of last minute trips. We provide a service with as quick a turnaround time as possible to meet the most urgent departure deadlines.

Services CTMS will provide include:
  • Identify and complete the requirements to obtain all travel documentation
  • Travel to the consulate and submit your application on your behalf
  • Ensure all documentation and related government fees are submitted accurately the first time
  • Mediate and complete any inquiries or delays
Benefits of using CTMS to secure your travel visa include:
  • Reduce the amount of time spent getting the necessary travel documentation
  • Take advantage of CTMS' experience and in depth knowledge of complex travel requirements
  • Reduce the risk of travel delays due to improper documentation
  • Receive personalized service from our experienced team of specialists
  • Rush services available for last minute or emergency trips

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